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♦ system overview
The virtual studio of the virtual hd studio is mainly used for the production of virtual background programs. Due to the flexibility of the virtual background, virtual scenic spots are suitable for the production of almost all types of programs, such as interviews, news, people's livelihood and children. The blue - American video virtual system intends to use the first - class broadcast - level real - 3d 2 - position tracking Landers Vss02E hd system. Landers is the blue America video company's own brand. Beijing blue beautiful video, film and television technology co., LTD. Relying on the virtual studio for more than ten years in the field of product research and development and application of the deep accumulation, developed a revolutionary nature of a new generation of equipped with external stunt switcher ST - Plus intelligent virtual studio system.
♦ system with characteristics
One, the built-in color key technique is elegant to pick the image effect
The latest hardware color key is a professional module dedicated to the virtual studio system, which is simple and functional. The color of red, green and blue is made by means of linear keys. Color key's built-in processing technology ensures that the internal processing of color keys is full digital operation, with high precision, no loss, and flexible algorithm.
With the outlook for the color key keyer signal processing in advance, and then generate prospects button and fill in the information, synthesized from background rendering module implements output structure, the fine foreground objects keyer effect completely to broadcast the video quality, edge processing of the real object is more exquisite, and the virtual background between cooperate more real natural, synthetic image quality is better than traditional color key, can ensure the translucent objects, such as water, glass, smoke, the shadow color key keyer to gain real scene superposition effect.
Key functions of color key:
1. Select the red, green and blue colors according to the absorption of the sucker;
2. Adjust the shadow effect of foreground objects according to different phenomena such as brightness, red, green and blue;
3, unique in the industry of foreground objects using 1/100 pixel level precision diffusion edge, sharpen edges, cutting edge, and can be carried out in accordance with the more than 10 kinds of different direction and different templates, common in virtual studio keyer result is bad and the black side eliminate very practical;
4. Unique noise and stain removal techniques can be used to deal with the noise caused by the change of the light of the camera and the stain on the blue box.
2. Equipped with virtual special external st-plust special effects switching station
In order to made it easy for operators to use Landers virtual studio, developed a revolutionary nature of a new generation of equipped with external effects switching ST - Plus virtual studio system, thoroughly to get rid of the traditional virtual studio still need to use expensive external stunt switcher, the camera plane reservation and virtual radial slots special switching, virtual video window, model superposition and graphic subtitles overlay operations are integrated into ST - Plus switching stage, changed the history of virtual studio using the keyboard, the mouse to switch, as convenient and safe operation way and the live studio. The cost performance and ease of use of virtual studio products are further reflected.
3. Single rendering engine realizes multi-machine bit synchronization seamless switching and DVE special effects switching
Landers Vss02E system on single machine single rendering engine rendering single channel, multiple color key, so in the end there are two way to dig as superposition of output, and output channel can achieve special switch, it contains cross fades, like switch pages, etc. Special effect, is equivalent to the other virtual studio, want to use 2 with a single channel virtual studio hosts special switch machine can achieve the effect.
4.The original prospect segmentation module greatly expanded the studio space
The foreground segmentation technology will be captured by a camera into the prospect of more screen, and use different slots of different scene, use this function, we can at least can directly feel the advantage of the following three aspects:
1, rich program form, virtual or currently live studio cameras are usually hard to switch between or special switch, USES the prospect of switching function can be achieved directly from a flight reservation seamless rolled to another flight reservation.
2. Greatly expanded the scene space of the virtual studio, so that a small studio could make a big studio.
3. The effect of two cameras can be achieved using only one camera, which reduces the input of camera equipment and camera operators, and enables free special effects switching between the two machines.

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