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Live Sound
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VENUE Software

When it comes to mixing live, being able to present high-quality audio is of the utmost importance. Award-winning VENUE software makes it easy—it’s the common software platform that comes with all Avid live sound systems. Achieve great sounding mixes easily, with incredible warmth and clarity. Speed up all aspects of live mixing and recording—no matter which VENUE system you use. And get unprecedented flexibility and reliability, making live mixing the creative and rewarding experience it was meant to be.
Learn once, mix anywhere
While the interface sports a darker new look with the VENUE | S6L System (image above) than the “blue” design you see on all other VENUE systems, it functions just the same. In fact, many systems feature a version of VENUE software that accommodates system-specific features. That said, you can create a show file on one VENUE system and open it on any other, so you only need to learn the software once to mix on any VENUE system.
Boost your mixing efficiency
VENUE software serves as “mission control” of your entire system. Quickly access and control inputs, routing, snapshots, plug-ins, and more through the intuitive tabbed interface. And easily view information and the state of your mix across the streamlined onscreen pages. With its simple approach to design, you’ll spend more time focusing on your mix instead of the technology.
Present your best mix possible
With VENUE software, you can use the same plug-ins used in countless recording studios in any live performance. Simply access them right from the Plug-ins page and take control directly from either your console or on the screen. Re-create an artist’s signature sound on stage. Optimize your mix for any room environment challenges. And eliminate expensive and bulky outboard gear.
Take your show to go
One day you’re mixing the band on a club tour. The next, you’re in the middle of 200,000 fans at a festival. You’ll be up and running quickly, without having to rebuild a mix from scratch. Simply save your settings as a show file, copy it to a USB key, and load the file into any other VENUE system. You’ll be up and running in seconds, without having to rebuild a mix from scratch. This show file portability enables you to adapt to any system and work with artists across the widest range of environments—big and small.
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