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MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD the compiling system

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MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD the compiling system
Solution overview
MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD is the classic starts its non woven products, fully support HD audio editing various formats. And have a stronger hardware editor acceleration and high quality video input and output circuit. The standard of digital and analog interface can be convenient and all kinds of high, such as the device to connect.
MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD compatibility with a wide range of traditional equipment, can be easily through the simulation of composite, S - such as Video, digital DV interface to connect all kinds of current popular standard definition Video camera and Video recorder. Support include: HDV, 50 / HD, P2 or P2 DVCPro HD, XDCAM and XDCAM EX, etc. The latest HD equipment.
In addition to the audio interface worn by the system itself, the MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD can drive, USB PC common interface or equipment such as direct reading video files for editing.
MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD has a wide range of output mode, including: output the MPEG file is used to the hard disk broadcast system, the output to the video with audio interface, burn DVD or VCD CD, stored in the server through the network or remote release, but also through the HDMI interface to the prison of broadcast or directly connected to the monitor.
Its use Intel multi-core processors and high-performance professional graphics card, and provides a rich broadcast audio interface, can meet the television, film and television production agencies, education departments at all levels, army, enterprises and institutions, such as video web site, in high/sd audio production, and release a variety of audio data archiving work needs.
EDIUS edit features:
The MASTER EDIUS EDIT HD non-editing system takes EIDUS hardware as the core and combines with the high performance hardware platform to make its rapid, easy to use and reliable editing features full play.
? Original code edit Sony XDCAM series, Panasonic P2 series, Ikegami GF series, and Canon XF and EOS video format
? Quick, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, subtitle, and graphics
? Different resolutions, such as 1920 x1080, 1920 x1080, 1280 x720, 720 x576/480, supports up to 4 k, 2 k, as low as 24 x24 real-time editing and transformation between the material
? Different frame rates: real-time editing and conversion between 1080/60p/ 50p, 1080/60i/ 50i, 24p material
? Quickly switch between the agent code rate and the high resolution mode to make the news editing more efficient
? The new 10bit HQX video coding technology provides excellent image quality and real-time performance, and supports Alpha channel
? Time line sequence nesting and GPU acceleration 3d conversion field
? Real-time filter, key, transfer, subtitle, and have special effects filter, picture stabilizer and VST audio filter
? As many as 16 machine bits are edited together, and blu-ray and DVD discs can be exported from time to time
? Multi-layer AVCHD original format real-time edit and new AVCHD output, support to output AVCHD format to the media card
Scheme specific configuration
CPU: I73770
Main board: edit main board
Hard disk: 500 g
Hard disk: 4000 g
Video card: professional 1G graphics card
Optical drive: DVD burner
Chassis: MASTER dedicated server industrial control audio and video case
Keyboard: EDIUS special color shortcuts to identify keyboard, photoelectric mouse
Power supply: hangjia 500W power supply
Unprogrammed: EDIUS
Non-code card: EDIUS EDIT hd professional broadcast level digital analog full interface non-code card,
Software: MASTER subtitle software, with handwritten function
Software: MASTER 3D special effects software, transcoding software, data resource management software, support multiple non-woven software management
Material: BMD hd video tutorial
Tutorial: BMD full Chinese tutorial {including DVD} 1

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