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Bluemade Team

Zhang Song,the founder of Beijing Bluemade Technology Video Communication Co., Ltd. was graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, now studying at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Grassroots entrepreneurship, he starts business from the counter in Zhongguan Village, after a few years struggle, he founded Beijing Bluemade Technology Video Communication Co., Ltd. In 2004. The company started from the agent, developed to the science and technology company with several hundred million annual sales. Now the company has two subsidiary, and hundreds of partneers throughout the country. Zhang Song has accumulated experience for 15years in broadcasting and television industry. He is familiar with enterprise management, proficient in operation, and has a unique marketing capabilities. Based on the idea of diligence , professional. Win-win and share, the company was listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations in 2004, from then we are on the journey of coming into the market.
Wu Lizhen, sales director of Broadcasting and Television department in Bluemade joined in Beijing Bluemade in 2004. She is responsible for the company’s sales of Broadcasting and Television department. She led the company's core department, set up the unique corporate culture and brand concept of Beijing Bluemade in APPLE, ADOBE, EDIUS, AJA, Blackmagic brands in the fierce competitive market. She has excellent professional qualities, and has always been adhering to the company’s spirit of professional ,win-win, share.She made major contributions toward the development and growth of Beijing Bluemade!
Chang Ruifeng, Project and Sales director of Bluemade, graduated from He’nan University of Science and Technology, and joined Beijing Bluemade Technology Video Communication Co., Ltd. In 2009. He created and is responsible for the company’s industry department. He designed and led the project process specification, procurement specification, and construction specifications. He got success in the 3 million project of Apple Non-liner integration of Lu Zhou Lao Jiao. He has very complete experience in the project design, construction and after-sales.
Song Baihu, Sales director of Mobile Internet. He created the mobile Internet operating system, and laid a solid foundation for restructuring and upgrading of Bluemade. He led his department and got so many large industry orders from Cheung Kong Graduate school of business and Three Gorges Corporation.

 Liu Yong, Sales director of military industrial department, he joined Bluemade in 2004. And responsible for the company's sales of military industrial products.  Li Yong has rich experience in the sales of military industrial products and channel development.In his efforts, the company got the military classified qualification, and the scientific research authorization of the national defense science and Industry Committee, this makes a great contribution to strategic development of the company.
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